How This CEO Is Turning Knowledge Into Financial Leverage

November 8, 2018 - by Live, Media, moneylife
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How This CEO Is Turning Knowledge Into Financial Leverage


Ramona Ortega speaks with Tanya Tarr about launching My Money My Future.

How do you disrupt the status quo when the playing field seems uneven? Arm yourself with knowledge. This is what founder Ramona Ortega is doing with her company My Money My Future / Mi Dinero Mi Futuro. MDMF is a comprehensive on-line financial planning platform and daily newsletter dedicated to empowering Latinas to create wealth with confidence for themselves and their community. MDMF’s culturally unique approach makes financial matters personal, accessible, and applicable for millions of Latinas. Ms. Ortega founded MDMF with the understanding that Latinos have a different set of values and beliefs about money management and are seeking information and advice that reflects their unique cultural experience. She also has a track record of being confident in unexpected places, and credits her success to turning knowledge into leverage. Let’s see what she has to share. Read more



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