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May 20, 2015 - by moneylife
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Ramona Ortega

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My grandmother once told me, “Mija, make sure you work hard and never let a man control your money.” My grandmother was a survivor of domestic violence; she knew first-hand just how truly money impacted a woman’s independence. These days I don’t necessarily worry about a man controlling my money, but I do worry that women of color are still struggling to achieve financial security. The racial wealth gap is deeper than ever and women of color continue make less than all other groups. Despite a Trillion dollars in purchasing power, women struggle economically–but together we can change the numbers.

Today more than ever we know the importance of financial security. We understand that growing up in poverty impacts access to opportunities and resources. We understand that financial mobility equals personal freedom and that money buys a certain level of security that is vital to the well-being of our families.

I founded My Money My Future with the understanding that our communities have unique needs and responsibilities that require a different approach to personal finance.

As women of color, too often we feel intimidated or overwhelmed talking about money, so I used technology to build a platform where everyone can access financial advice that understands their unique experiences. We are here to make -women, millennials, people of color – smarter and more confident about managing their money.

My Money My Future is not just about getting rich, it is about turning your hard earned dollars into long-term wealth for your family and community.

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