Webinar series dedicated to COVID money issues for women and communities of color.

April 7, 2020 - by Media
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Leading Latinx Fintech Startup My Money My Future announces webinar series dedicated to COVID money issues for women and communities of color.

New York – April, 7 2020. My Money My Future, the leading multicultural focused fintech startup announces special COVID-19 financial webinar series for Black and Latinx Millennials.


The #WealthyWomanWednesday, webinar series will be hosted by CEO and founder Ramona Ortega, and will feature expert advice covering relevant topics such as how to invest and leverage your 401k, how to build credit when money is tight, how to manage job uncertainty and preparing to care for boomer parents.


COVID-19 has highlighted the drastic financial inequality in America in the worst way possible. More than half of millennials don’t have $1000 to cover an emergency, 52% of American households have no retirement savings at all and despite a record number of women of color starting businesses, most of these businesses have struggled to raise capital or earn significant revenue. It’s estimated that by 2050 the median wealth of a Latinx family will be $8,600 and the median wealth for Black families will be $600, compared to $174,000 for white families, but with the right financial guidance, My Money My Future plans to change the ratio. 


“Communities of color will be disproportionately hit by COVID and the looming economic recession” says Ortega. “MMMF is dedicated to making sure those most impacted have the resources and information they need to not just survive but thrive.”


Growing up in a  low-income Latino community, CEO and Founder Ramona Ortega, saw first hand the opportunity costs of cyclical poverty. Ramona has committed her career to economic security, first as a human rights advocate and later as a corporate attorney. In 2016 she was inspired to do more to help communities of color build wealth and has used technology to scale her platform. Ramona is a leading expert on millennial money, financial inclusion and the wealth gap and has been featured in Forbes, NYT, NPR, and more. She sits on the advisory board of Village Capital, Camino Financial and Community Health Councils.


Access to webinars is Free, just register at  Money Made Simple.

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